Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dare to Bare

It may not have seemed summer-like the past few days, but ready or not Memorial Day is here.   Memorial Day weekend is always dreadful because you haven't had any sun all winter and all of the sudden you have to throw on your swimmers and look like a beach bum.  Leave it to Rita Hazan to pull it together for you with the ultimate summer kick off package.  

The Rita Hazan Salon is offering a Dare to Bare package.  For just $240 you can achieve a bronzed bod with head to toe slimming spray tan, a bikini wax, a manicure, and a pedicure.  

Rita is known for coloring the most beautiful tresses in Hollywood from Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Lopez, but she also has some of the most experienced beauty gurus.  I used to stare at the Beauty Editors at Cosmo wondering how they looked so polished and glowing in the middle of January, and they all swore by Anna Stankiewicz... a spray tan genius.  She has the ability to to make you look 10 lbs thinner with flick of a spray gun, without looking like you belong on Dancing with the Stars.  And, of course, to avoid a Miranda moment, Arsi Tavitian and Viorica Dragoi will take care of your bikini line using a pain-free wax with zero cloth strips to minimize pain and skin irritation.  (I've also heard they do amazing brows!)

So if your interested in looking like Jennifer Lopez, Rita's salon is located at 720 Fifth Avenue.  For appointments call 212-586-4343.

Happy Summer!




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