Monday, May 4, 2009

Body Con

Megan Fox graces the cover of June Elle in a sexy form fitting Versace dress while promoting the "Body Issue".  Vanity Fair does the same but uses Jessica Simpson and quotes that she "pulls off her mom jeans and fights back".  I didn't realize that high waisted 70's style 18th Amendment jeans were mom jeans but I digress.

I know that I'm supposed to say how wonderful it is that J. Simps is promoting a good body image, but lets be serious.  I want to know how Megan Fox keeps that supposed 23 inch waist.

This opens up a whole discussion on what really sells magazine covers.   Are we moving past trying to look like girls on magazines that probably don't really look like that or will Vanity Fair pull ahead with putting an amazing-looking Jessica Simpson on the cover?  I bet her waistline is the same size as Megan's given the height difference... but that's the power of marketing.

Let the June cover wars begin... 



Photos: {Jezebel, Perez Hilton}


Anonymous said...

Nice, Calla. ;)

Anonymous said...

jen steele, btw

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