Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saucy Glossary

The May issue of InStyle is packed with It-girls, their style, and how to get it.  Here is a sampling.

Whitney Port scored a 6 paged spread.  Sort of was expecting Whit to be pimping out DVF, but she does not wear even an accessory from the iconic brand where she "works".  Is this a premonition about next season of The City?  Rumors have been circulating that Whit will leave DVF to pursue other "jobs".  DVF aside, I love how she wore a mix of more indie labels like Tucker and Karen Walker and still managed to wrangle in major names like Gucci, Helmut Lang, and Michael Kors, who usually are more selective about who they lend to.

InStyle always knows how to put an outfit together.. Stylist Susan Joy edits their Impress for Less page and it is actually quite impressive.  Everything is under $100 dollars and super cute..

and finally, designers square off.. Frida Giannini (Gucci) and Christopher Bailey (Burberry) give style tips and compare their glamorous lives.

Frida says sexy is comfort.. Now, comfort to her is super high heels, leggings, and a loose top, which is why I love her.  Christopher on the other hand, says sexy is a woman in a trench coat and jeans (well that's a real shocker).  

Overall, May InStyle is definitely worth picking up....lots of great styling tips for all price points and enough visual eye candy to keep your eyes glued on the glossy pages.



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