Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Headgear!

Ever since Blair Waldorf came into our lives, every girl has started wearing headbands or at least secretly thought about it.  But how wearable is headgear?  DVF sent down rock goddesses/ flower children in her Spring show who all sported amazing braided floral headbands, but when Whitney rocked the straight-off-the runway look, she just looked a bit silly.  Given that she "works" there, she probably was strapped down to the runway and forced-pinned feathers in her head... but regardless, headbands can be super cute or the accessory that takes a cute outfit over the edge.

                  Miley was styled editorially, in which case, it totally artistically works, but Taylor wore her headband out to an event... Did she rock it? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel like head gear like this comes and goes with the tide. Designers put it down the runways every other year, and it never sticks. Unless of course if you like on the Lower East Side... I think simple head bands are the way to go.

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