Monday, April 13, 2009

Designer Smackdown

There is nothing better than a good old fashion designer cat fight, especially when its between 2 of the most respected men in the biz.  Oscar De La Renta is doing some major damage control after calling out the First Lady for wearing a cardigan to Buckingham Palace.  Let's be honest, if you want the most in demand and exposed woman in the world to wear your clothing, flattery might be the better route to go.  Azzedine Alaia then criticized Oscar for those remarks calling him washed up.  If you don't know who Alaia is then you obviously didn't watch Clueless 600,000 times like every other 80's born baby.  So to quote Cher, Alaia is like a totally important designer.  Michelle actually wore one of Alaia's designs to the NATO Concert on her now famous European tour.

Fashion loves a good scandal, but can't we all live harmoniously together in an Oscar sheath and Alaia coat?   I propose that the only way to solve this issue is for Michelle to offer a tax credit to all women for both designers... or offer me a role in the Cabinet as Secretary of Designer Relations.



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