Monday, April 27, 2009

Cross Reference

Who remembers when Alex Wang collaborated with Erin Wasson and she came up with this awesome necklace that went around the body (above)? Well, it was memorable because jewelry designer Bliss Lau had also come up with a similar concept (below) and of course questions of originality occurred.  

Fast forward a few seasons to today in Oz, Ginger and Smart girls paraded down the runway with a similar look of cross body jewelry.  Is this trend finally catching on? I love the simplicity of this look.  You can wear a plain tank top with one of these and your outfit is made.  How long will it take until Serena is spotted with one and a Zoe-bot is sent down a red carpet with one draped across her bony shoulders?  

Until then, be ahead of the curve and check out this very affordable version by jewelry line Leviticus...$89!



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